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Friday, March 17, 2017

Brigadier General From South Africa Shoots Down UFO

In the autumn of 1992, a brigadier general from South Africa army exposed how he shot down a UFO that has an alien inside. After the event he had to transport the load to Area 51.

Motivated by the brave whistleblower named Bob Lazar, he was the man behind the work on reverse engineering ET technology at a Top secret S4 facility close to area 51. A brigadier general from south Africa arrived up on one of Art Bell's podcast in 2004 to reveal a more fascinating story about aliens, UFO's and top secret government associations.

Alien UFO

The whole story occurred in 1992, the night when the general was on a command duty at a secret air force base somewhere located out in the ocean. Though his was really a marine engineer, he was placed in charge of the Air force base due to his rank and he was associated to the special Ops and special unit of the army of South Africa.

A brigadier general is one of the low ranking general but is a senior rank in the Armed forces. When he was appointed to a field command, the brigadier general was the one in-charge for the command of the whole brigade. In a night of November 1992, the general is the one who's responsible for anything that will come and go by the air force base.

When suddenly, 2 flying objects showed on the ground radar. He sent an F1 Mirage to examine the sightings. Upon reaching the location of the sighting, the pilot saw that one of the objects switched direction and decided to chase the other one. He reported that the craft is disk-shaped and have no obvious weapons visible. The UFO was flying at a speed of 700 mile per hour.

The general asked the Mirage pilot to fire at the UFO because it may put the ground troops in danger so the pilot followed the order and aimed at it. After being hit, the UFO bounced like a ball from left to right until it crashed to the ground.

Brigadier General From South Africa Shoots Down UFO

The general went to the crash site and he noticed a circular disk-shaped object that is estimated to be around 12 feet in diameter that is glowing in the color of the rainbow. They waited 5 hours for it to cool down and stop glowing but even after the event, it provoked cramps when touched, very much alike to a bee sting.

The next morning, a lieutenant of the ground patrol noticed the hatch opened up. He went near it to examine the inside of the ship and saw that there were 2 child-like humanoids inside. He thought that they were burned due to their gray complexion. Since they were very close to a dangerous boarder, the general had the UFO transported to the base using a diesel truck while the grey beings are still inside the craft.

3 days after it occurred, the general was given a new order. He had to bring the UFO together with its eerie passengers to "where they belonged" so a plane was prepared for him and his team to leave to USA.

Just before they leave, the general ordered one of his men to open the body bags of the creatures. He then looked inside it and saw this odd grey humanoids that has long fingers and with eyes that are seemingly larger that of humans, he then ordered to zipped the body bags tight.

During the flight , one of the grays woke up, this made everyone on the plane flip out and one of the men beat the creature off using the back of his gun. All the time on their way to Washington, the entire team was really distracted. Upon arrival in US, they took the whole load into a cargo jet that left before they could. After 50 minutes they flew back home.


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