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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bizarre Sound Heard In Rural Area Of Slovakia

An eerie sound, the kind that will send shivers down to your spine was recently heard in Slovakia.

Stories of eerie sounds have came up from a rural region in Slovakia where people had their country specific silence has been disrupted. Some of the witnesses have pointed their phone facing to the location of where the source of the odd growl which is the sky and have made the videos handy on the internet.

Bizarre Sound Heard In Rural Area Of Slovakia

This occurrence didn't get too much attention which got me thinking that it could be a fabricated sound but after making a few research, I came across other video recording that has a similar sound.

With a lot of things that is happening recently, it is difficult to classify something as real or hoax but you can lend an ear at it and make your own conclusion.

The uproar seems to be originating from the sky and it could be connected somehow to the odd cloud formation from that region. It could be easily pointed out at a HAARP operation though I doubt that electromagnetic waves can produce such sounds.

Some are claiming hearing the same sounds in the rural regions close to Munich, Germany and they say that it's similar to the rumbling sounds made by rocks plunging under the ground. This is the most reasonable hypothesis that could justify this odd noise but it also raises other questions.


What could make such sounds underground? Is it a natural event or something related to HAARP that is thought to affect not just the weather but tsunamis and earthquake alike?

Whatever the case is, we've become accustomed with the bizarre sounds resembling loud engines, metallic slams, rumblings, groaning and even trumpets in other cases.

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