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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Apollo 17 Lunar Mission And UFO Activity Exposed In NASA Photos

Several irregularities were discovered by the UFO community after examining thousands of conclusive images taken during the Apollo 17 mission. If you still don't think that there's something on the Moon then you should need to look at this.

The Apollo 17 was the last and final mission of the Apollo program that took the first man on the Moon in 1972. In the duration of the 12 day mission, the team took more than 8,400 pictures of the surface of the moon which are now available in NASA's website.

A few years after the photos were made available, UFO hunters found some baffling objects in some of the photos that looks like a spacecrafts, source is unknown. There are absolutely some who thinks that the anomalies to be a plain reflections or lens flares but the mounting device is likely to discredit these theories with ease

An analyst of strange event, Robert Morningstar has supplied the already existing collection of Lunar anomalies with another controversial picture of a UFO travelling behind the Lunar Excursion Module, just when it was about to be set out to the Moon.

Morningstar said that to him, that was the most remarkable piece of film that came out of the Apollo program.

We don't reject the importance of Morningstar's findings, We believe that there are other imagery at least as interesting as those presented above. An identical UFO had surprised by the Apollo astronauts at the time if reaching the moon's surface. The object was able to keep a steady pace and it looks like to be spying on the newcomers.

Due to its triangular shape, We can't help but ask if there are any link between the 2 accentuated UFOs. This official NASA link will definitely remove all of your doubts about its validity, just zoom in to the right a few inches about the ground.

Browsing through the records of the Apollo 17 mission will bring other irregularity to light like the presence of the disk-shaped object that is seen in the location of the Lunar Landing Module.

It can be found at a large distance behind the lander and it showed up in a single frame. Its actions is like to that of an Earthly military crafts that came to seize any foreign devices that is trespassing on their territory. It's accurate that no one came to escort the astronauts, at least not that we know of but there's no denial that a few of the Apollo 17 photos are full of UFOs.

The Apollo 17 is a record holder of the longest lunar landing flight, biggest lunar samples returned, most extensive lunar surface covered by vehicular activities and the longest time spent in Moon's orbit.

The Apollo 17 still remains the most recent manned mission on the moon, No other astronaut was able to go the moon since 1972. Is this just a coincidence?

The same amount of days spent both in space and on the moon, as the fact that no other manned mission happened after Apollo 17 made a lot of question.

Is there a possibility that the astronauts of the Apollo 17 came across a foreign lunar base? Did they meet any UFOs or alien crafts? If so, did someone restrained or refused human access to the surface of the moon?


A question of why would the Apollo 17 mission take a large volume of samples and take a lot of pictures and then never came back for a follow-up on their investigation? Is the moon that is orbiting our planet is so barren and unimportant that additional missions were not needed?

Whatever is the case, the photos above shows some form of alien presence, though the hypothesis of highly advanced military devices doesn't came out of the picture.

While it's difficult to justify that the astronauts were cut-off by extraterrestrials, the reality of UFO present in many phase of the Apollo 17 mission is an absolute indicator that NASA might be lying in favor to a secret pact with alien beings.

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