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Friday, March 17, 2017

Ancient Statues In French Polynesia Remind Of An Unusual Extraterrestrial Race

In the pacific Ocean, an island can be found that has an unusual tributes left by the earlier dweller. The statues of creatures that looks out of this world. Is this an embodiment of alien visitors from the ancient time?

Positively, the original meaning of a great deal of ancient artistry has been beaten by time. It began as a hypothetical depiction in the mind of an ancient craftsman might be treated as an actual portrayal of an actual historical event to this day.

Ancient Statues In French Polynesia

A perfect example for this case are the statues of Temehea Tohua in the island of Nuku Hiva of the Marquesas Archipelago in French Polynesia. At first look, there is a strong similarity between the carvings in the stones and the modern descriptions of aliens.

The statues were found when the Europeans entered the Marquesas during the final decade of the 16th century but the islands were believed to have been occupied by the Polynesians before 100 AD. Interestingly, the island is dubbed "Te Fenua 'Enata" in the South Marquesan dialect meaning "The land of men." Perhaps as Alien creations?

A few of the ancient statues on the Nuku Hiva island has a striking similarity to alien beings, which makes it possible that a point in time, the inhabitant of the islands met these aliens face to face.

Could this bizarre art be just a misrepresentation of an artist's imagination? Did they serve any ceremonial purpose? Could they be a memento that is carved is stone of an occurrence involving ancient aliens from another planet?

 Reptilian Extraterrestrial Race

Some of the chunks shows beings with excessively large and elongated heads, gaping mouth and wide eyes. Other carvings shows creatures with an odd mix of human and alien features. Some analysts thinks that the statues depicts 2 alien race, the Reptilians and the Greys

Though they seem not to be like the modern descriptions of these species.

The reptilians or the lizard people are from the constellation of Draco are always in a number of conspiracy theories. They are described to be evil and deceiving, this alien race is told to be ruling the mankind from the shadows. Did they plummet upon the Marquesas Island thousands of years ago, dominating the ignorant islander into adoring them as gods?

Statues of Temehea Tohua

Such hypothesis doesn't look to far off if we examine the big amount of water around the islands. From an alien's perspective, this is perhaps the best place to hide a ship while also examining the human samples on the neighboring islands.

Reports of the Greys describe them to be 3 to 4 feet tall humanoid with big heads and large elliptic eyes. Some of the carvings and statues on the island fits this description very well.

Could this stone carvings be nothing but "Tikis' that belonged to the Polynesian culture or is there some hidden truth on them? One thing looks clear that the beings they are depicting doesn't look human at all.

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