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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Alien-like Claw Found In Peru

Currently revealed archeological material that was found hidden underground in Peru has made a news in social networks. This is a 3-fingered claw and a small mummified, elongated skull that was uncovered in Cusco and a few people thinks that the baffling skeletal remains may point about the unknown race of humanoids on Earth. Other as expected thinks its fake.

 Alien-like Claw Found In Peru

Though no separate examination have been carried out on the remarkable "alien claw." The team that is in charge of the discovery thinks that radiocarbon and DNA testing may reveal the real origin of the strange hand.

Based on some reports, the strange skeletal remain together with a smaller, elongated skull were discovered in a confidential location, a tunnel in Peru's southern desert.

Alien Found

Though a lot would jump ahead and call it a hoax, the mysterious 'alien claw' together with a smaller, mummified elongated skull's first X-ray tests show that both are real.

First tests point nearing the chance that both of the skull and the mysterious claw came from a unknown, humanoid species. Though this statement has not been confirmed yet.

Alien Claw

Brien Foerster wrote on hidden Inca Torus that the X-ray tests of the enigmatic 'hand' shows that each of the fingers has 6 bones whereas the human hand has 3. Additionally, the physicians in Cusco confirmed that without any doubt this is not a hand of a human but is made up of bones and skins. They were not able to verify what kind of species it is or was.

A photo detailed photo of the end of the fingers, shows that the skin as well as the fingernails that is notably human like. The person who keeps this artifact doesn't want to sell them, he only wants to know what are they.

Tyler Cusco, a YouTube user posted an online video dubbed "examination of a possible alien hand by Dr. Edson Salazar Vivanco in Peru last November of 2016.

Tyler wrote in the comment section saying that the first tests are in progress and they are still waiting for the results. They are worried about the skin of the mummified head.

 Alien-like Claw Found In Peru

Regarding the DNA and c14 tests, they are in contact with a few laboratories around the world.

They wanted to take all their time to perform definite and positive tests.

He also said that if it's fake, they will let the world know, loud and clear. At the moment, they have no clue that displays it's a hoax.

The artifacts that was tested in Peru in the past weeks by a lot of archeologist, anthropologists, biologists, doctors and anatomists and none of them thinks that this is a fraud. Hence it is urgent to wait for the DNA tests.

No separate scientific body has verified that the validity of the interest proposed that the 'claw' and the bizarre curious elongated head came from an alien or an unknown human race.

This kind of discovery are always regarded with doubt, mainly because there have been a lot of discoveries of a so-called alien skulls and skeletal remains that turns out to be a fancy fake.

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