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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Bizarre Human Face In Blue Nebula: Indication That Humans May Be Scattered Across The Universe

A lot of mysterious events can be trailed into the space, differing from UFOs to large structures on a celestial bodies, black holes, smashing stars and even great displays such as the current nebula findings of UFOlogists.

A face in a deep space nebula has been seen and it greatly resembles the form of a human. Whether this is just a product of pareidolia which is a state of our mind treating something inexistent as a familiar form or it is a real event with a deeper meaning. We can only speculate but based from a few analyst, the human face showing in the nebula may not be a coincidence at all.

A Bizarre Human Face In Blue Nebula: Indication That Humans May Be Scattered Across The Universe

At first look, the strange face has a lot of human features like a well-defined nose, a noticeable mouth with the obvious upper and lower lips, the shape of the chin and at a closer look you can even see a figures of hairs. In general, the forehead shows some wrinkles and the face is bluish in color which could be a symbol of planet Earth. Could this be a coincidence or just a pareidolia or is it probable that a another human species has other productive voices making history all throughout the universe?

We as humans are noted for using the figures of personalities who granted a development process to the man like on different objects, structures or even on natural formations. It's not a secret that our Earthly currency has a lot of personalities carved on it. We also have statues of famous people all around the world and lastly, there are human faces that are carved in stones or mountains from where they tell silent stories for the coming generations.

Scott Waring wrote on his blog and said "Look around you right now. You are feeling pretty damn good about yourself," "you're human and you've conquered woods, stones and metals. We place or most idealistic faces of our most iconic heroes of culture on tiny coins. We even placed faces carved in mountains in a lot of places around our planet. But I am here today to tell you how small we really are."

A Bizarre Human Face In Blue Nebula

To better focus on the similarity between the nebula portrait and the human features, Waring fond an interesting coin that specifically places this topic to a new view.

It shows an impressive resemblance between to human faces, expressing that this may not be just a coincidence after all. So, could this be that our race are existing someplace else in this enormous universe? Is it possible that man are making history among other alien species and on other planets aside from Earth?

A Bizarre Human Face In Blue Nebula

Waring also said that it's not just a face, but a side of the face has made a purpose to be striking for everyone to know. This is much alike how America placed its first president George Washington on a quarter. Surely, Washington has dazzled America but not the whole world. He only fascinated the US but this blue guy in the nebula has fascinated the entire worlds or maybe a n entire star systems with his beliefs.

Whatever may be the intentions for the presented nebula face, it still remains an amazing findings that propel our species to a whole new level, that of an advance and mature race that is adding to the well-doing of the universe and in return is a legendary achievement of our fellow humans earn acknowledgement on a very large scale.


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