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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

6 UFOs Sneaking Past The International Space Station Omitted By NASA

A group of 6 UFOs were sighted sneaking past the ISS during a live feed then NASA cut the transmission.

Many things are occurring in space, and only a few special people have the chance to actually see them.

Though ISS has a live streaming going, the show stayed censored and if something unusual happens, they shut down the transmission or switch it to another channel.

6 UFOs Sneaking Past The International Space Station Omitted By NASA

There are no secret now that NASA wouldn't want us to witness a lot of UFO reality, though from time to time they give us bits of information to satisfy our curiosity or perhaps they were taken surprised by the sightings.

One would believe that all UFOs seen on the live streaming would make NASA admit the concealed truth but they were able to come up of some clever story or keep silence until the news heats off.

In a case, the great number of UFO sightings close to the American space station let us examine the overflow of possibilities about what these evasive objects could be.

In one of the newest cases surprised by Streetcap1 of YouTube, a sighting of 6 UFOs passing near the proximity of the ISS. Just as when the watchers were expecting so witness more of them, the view of the camera is switched to another channel.

Accounts given by NASA differ between ice shards to space debris or even meteors but their explanations didn't help the reality that again, they were worried to let the whole footage be shown.

Examining the chance proves that the 6 UFOs can't be ice shards due to the fact that they need to be very big to fit into the explanation provided.

It's difficult to understand if they were meteors because their speed is a bit slow and the space debris theory is really acceptable but we haven't witnessed any trash fly by to really label the object alike.

There are also the mysteries shown by NASA. Why would they cut a live feed on a specific time?


Is this really a fleet of alien spacecrafts or military prototypes passing by? Why is NASA omitting all these sightings? Are they trying to hide the truth around the ISS and space?

Whatever may be the case, we are all free to make our own conclusions out of this event. Though, the provided footage gives us more unique understanding about the UFO occurrence and again proves that NASA might be covering something from the humanity.

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