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Monday, February 20, 2017

What is a Lightworker and How to Find If You Are One

Ever felt like you don't fit in? Was there a time that you think you have a mission here is Earth? Maybe you're a Lightworker.

A number of people feels like they're different from most of the people around them. Always puzzled by the things that are happening around them, why do they happen and for what reason these things occur. They always feel that they can do something about it, but doesn't have the idea what it is. If you think that this is happening to you, there is a big change that you're a Lightworker.

Lightworkers in other terms are also known as Starseeds, Indigos or Crystal children. They are those people that came to Earth with a purpose to change the planet's energy. They are the one who eradicate the negativity and nurture the light and love in the world. You think being a Lightworker is easy? Think again because Lightworkers are commonly misunderstood and most of the time are alone. Don't worry because you're not the only person in this world that wants to bring forth the light and love into the world.

What is a Lightworker and How to Find If You Are One

Having a purpose in life, the Lightworkers came to this world but sadly once you enter the form of the tangibles, you suffer amnesia. The purpose are forgotten for why you came and what must you do but you have this perception that you have to do something in your lifetime that you feel like is hidden inside you that don't know. It is like a tiny seed that is patiently waiting to be watered and bloom.

1. You don’t feel part of society

You don't fit in. You feel that there is no place for you in your community, society and even your family. Lightworkers don't grasp the concept of obsession with money, being materialistic and competitions. You feel like that the world has sufficient resources for all to live in prosperity but you can't understand why society can seem to make it happen. You can't selfishness and greed. Hopes in politicians to make a better world have disappeared. You are discontented that the society is so sluggish towards fairness and equality.

2. You have longings you cannot explain

You have this feeling that there is something in your life that is missing that you cannot explain. It's like you're longing for something in the past or being homesick for a place that you can't even remember. You know deep inside that you should be in a place where you are understood and you kept looking for this place. You might meet a person who you just know and you'll feel that you have been together before and this flourishes into an incredible friendship or maybe a relationship. But most of the time, you feel discontented that you can't figure out the where you belong.

What is a Lightworker and How to Find If You Are One

3. You know you have a job to do

Deep within you, you know you have a purpose, a mission that you must do here on earth. It's like a word that you can't get out of your mouth. You could've browse and read a handful of books about Science, Philosophy and Spirituality but no matter how many books you read you just can't find the answers to your questions. A time will come that you will realize that no book or even internet articles that can answer you because the answer is deep inside you. You only need to learn and understand your feelings and your way of thinking that speaks a different language.

4. You have a deep desire to be of service to others

As a Lightworker, you tend to be very sensitive and very empathetic. You feel the pain of others like they're yours and you have a deep need to heal. A Lightworker can be frustrated when you see your love ones in pain but can't see what your showing them. You want to get them out of the illusion of the matrix and show them the Love and the Light of the world, which they can't see. You can nurture this needs into a creative skills like writing, painting or even work of service like a counselor, alternative therapist or even a medical professional.

5. You are a seeker

At a very young age, you're possibly always been drawn into spiritual practices and you have been interested in variant ways of thinking. Lightworkers often starts with their own family religion then expands their reach for answers. Lightworkers often suffers from depression, anxiety and other mental problems. Most of the time this is caused by the feeling of there is something missing in your life, you don't fit-in and that you're different from others. You worked hard to make sure that your good enough for others but you were always good enough. You're not sick, you just exist on a different level of energy than most of the people in the society. This is not always easy because you're a developer in a world that mainly misunderstand things.

What is a Lightworker and How to Find If You Are One

6. You may have physical signs of difference

Most of the time, Lightworkers have unusual eyes. Maybe an astonishing color or different colors. You may also a have a birthmark or a very distinctive feature which is a mark from your past. You may also have problems with your hearing and visions or a long term Health conditions. Most of these issues are caused by trying to fit-in the society or world that is not meant and designed for you. It's hard to be too emotional and sensitive in a world that honors material things above anything else.
Alternately, you might get a very highly developed senses. Common for Lightworkers are an Acute sense of taste or touch. You might also have a very strong sense of intuition and Psychic abilities.

7. You believe in things you cannot see

Lightworkers believes that there is more in the universe than a mere matter. Some scientific explorations may have validated these beliefs but physicist also understands that there are forces that we can't quantify that measures the universe. You understand that energy is important ad material things. You know that this we are not in a clockwork universe and you are open for possibilities that there are intangible beings and energies. Lightworkers are often guided by these energies. Energies in form of thoughts and intuitive guidance, or in the form of higher beings and or angels. You're open-minded and you truly understand that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

What is a Lightworker and How to Find If You Are One

What it means to be a Lightworker

It is difficult being a Lightworker and one should be serious with the needs to take care of yourself. You must protect yourself from negative and draining energies. You have to spend time recharging your own energy to allow your inner light to shine and to be able to make that much needed difference in this world.

Once you find these signs, the next steps is to know your reason or your Life's mission. You may now know already the underlying sense of what it is. This could be a lifelong dream or recently developed vision. If you want to learn more about discovering your purpose here on earth, you can develop a routine for a meditation or other ritual to help you connect with your inner self. You can write a journal by writing with the non-dominant hand or shamanic journeying to help discover your higher purpose. If you have a Light worker energy, it can also help to connect with others that has a light worker energy. Support each other on your journey to bring more light and love into the world.
Remember, every interaction you made is an opportunity to share your light and raise vibration in the world. Do everything you can to keep the vibration high to spread the light.

If you are one of these special people, you will probably recognize the following 7 signs.

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