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Monday, February 20, 2017

Sleepwalking: What Everybody Should Know about It

Sleepwalking can be a scary thing for everybody concerned. People don't usually expect their family member walking in the middle of the house and wandering at night, eating from the fridge or driving not at least, not while they're in the middle of a dream and sleeping.

Can be both dangerous and creepy at the same time for some but this can be terrifying for the person who's experiencing this who goes to sleep in their bed and wake up some place else. This would feel like a scene from one horror story. This be scarier than having a sleep paralysis which is already a bad thing for everyone.

Sleepwalking: What Everybody Should Know about It

What is sleepwalking?

Sleepwalking is a surprisingly common phenomenon. There was a study reported by CBS that 30% of Adult Americans say that they have walked at some point of their lives while 3.6% or about 8.4 million have done this last year. It is more general among children than adults.

This can occur slowly, with those people that is getting up and searching for things in a confused manner. In some cases, people may even jump out of bed, thinking that that the things from their dreams or imaginations are in the room. Ever wonder how sleepwalkers don't bump into the walls? The answer is because their eyes are open while they are sleepwalking but they don't remember a thing once they wake up nor have an idea when and how they got to that place. Normally, sleepwalkers looks expressionless or confused.

Whenever you see a sleepwalker, make sure to wake them up. Some people believe that you should not wake them because it may cause a brain damage, any kind of episodes or other negative things that may happen to them. Waking a sleepwalker can be hard at some times because they may resist violently so just be careful . You can also try to steer them back to bed.

What causes it?

As per Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, the director of the Sleep Disorder Center at Cleveland Clinic. "Sleepwalking and related arousal disorders represent one of the least researched areas of sleep medicine, so we aren’t sure of the exact causes"

There are things that can predict sleepwalking. Sleepwalking can be triggered by Work and Life stress, certain drugs can also trigger sleepwalking like sedatives/hypnotics (drugs that helps you sleep), drugs that treat psychosis, minor tranquilizers and stimulants and antihistamines. Sleepwalking can be hereditary especially for those with multiple generations of family member who often experience it.

Sleepwalking: What Everybody Should Know about It

Types of sleepwalking

Sleepwalking has many different forms, the mildest form is sleep talking. This can be cohesive is someone engage in it during the earlier stage of sleep and possibly making a conversation or stating a story. If a person talks while in deep sleep, there chance of what they're saying will make less sense and it won't connect to the other words they said mentioned before.

From sleep talking this will go as far as to people wandering around their bedroom, house or even outside the house. In some rare cases, people would wake up driving their car, other are eating, going to bathrooms or even preparing for the day in the middle of the night.

Things you should do if somebody sleep walks

As a general rule for almost every situation, do not panic. They didn't turn into zombies and they will not eat your brain. Additionally, there is no need for exorcism. In most cases, the condition will go away just have a little patience. To help the sleepwalker, make sure to remove all sharp objects around the house that they may bump into. If the sleepwalker is a kid, do not let them sleep at the top bunk! You know the consequence. Remove anything that can cause troubles like keys, weapons or basically anything that can cause trouble, better safe than sorry. For sleepwalking children, installing gates at the top of the stairs will help so they down go wandering down them where they might fall and hurt themselves.

if this is happening more than once, it is better to consult to your doctor who can assist you identify the main cause if it may be due to stress or due to medication that you might want to stop taking unless necessary. Hypnosis can be an alternative so you might want to give it a shot. There are reports that a single session can be sufficient to end sleepwalking and restore the normal sleeping habits of a person. There are also some medicines that can that can help like antidepressants but your doctor can tell you more about it.

It your children is experiencing this condition, you don't have to do anything about it because this happens more to children and most of the time they simply outgrow it. Just make sure to it that your kids will not hurt themselves. If the symptoms continues into adolescence period then it might be time to consult with your doctor.

Sleepwalking: What Everybody Should Know about It

Some weird things that have happened to sleepwalkers

There are fun stories about sleepwalkers, there was this nurse who draws a masterpiece while he's asleep. This is kind of strange because he absolutely no interest in art while if he's awake. As a child, he started doodling all over his walls. He then purchased some art materials which helped him inhibits his works on these mediums.

There was also this chef who cooks during the night, cooking eggs, stir fries and other meals. Thought the couple is worried, however, as he isn't completely with it. There was this one time he tried to mix a whole box of cereal and whole carton of milk on a small bowl.

Another is a woman who got up in the middle of the night, logged on her computer and she was even able to enter her password while asleep and sent emails to her friends. It says on the email something like Hunter S. Thompson would write, with one reading, “Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks, 4pm. Bring wine and caviar only.” And another saying “What the…”. 

And of course, there is sleep sexing. These people were telling stories like they are giving blowjobs while they are asleep or even having sex with random strangers. There was this one woman who's goes down to her ex-boyfriend's apartment who lived in the same building every night and had sex with him. She would wake up the next morning, unable to recall what happened last night which causes a seriously awkward situation.

Last words

The stories mentioned about may sound a little funny to those who haven't experienced it, but no doubt is very terrifying for the people involved. If this thing happens to you, your family member, relatives or friends, it is important that you seek immediate medical help. A doctor or a psychiatrist should be able to help you and prevent another episode from happening again. A good example is the woman who had sex with strangers stopped doing it after going on a counseling, no medicines were needed.

Sleepwalking is not a well-understood phenomenon.

It may be caused by the fact that it can't be explained and to be able to see it you must wait for people to do it which can be exhausting and tiring. This can be alarming for the people who had experienced it, so hopefully we'll have a better understanding to this fascinating but strange condition in the future.

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