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Monday, February 20, 2017

Religious belief and Alien Life, Is There a Link?

Religion and Extraterrestrial life are two of the most popular topics that is very sensitive to humans. These two topics bears more questions than answers at most of the time. These most famous topics about religion and alien life are if related together if both are real. Place them together and you will find yourself a non-stop discussion.

Extraterrestrial life, as unusual to what we know as a species takes on a another view. We always ask if there are life in other planets, then we also ask that what does that mean for those who consider God as the creator? How is Alien Life and Religion connected? Well, it's kind a simple.

Religous belief and Alien Life, Is There a Link?

The real question here that we want to have an answer is "How would uncovering an alien life from other planets affect religion?" Most of us believe in God who created the Earth and the universe in seven days including the first two person which is Adam and Eve, then who created the other beings from the other planets? Adam and Eve sinned after eating the fruit from the forbidden tree and their lives changed, did this happens on the other beings from the other planets? It's fascinating to learn that all of us could be linked by the same covenant.

Let's try to analyze things, then think of the alien life on the other planets that they don't have to follow God's Law. Maybe these aliens may be even free of sin because they did not carry out the original sin, bore upon by eating the fruit from the forbidden tree.

The author of the book 'Religions and Extraterrestrial Life' David Weintraub, an astronomer from Vanderbuilt University made a research about the feedback of certain different faiths to the concept of alien life. The survey shows various results and some results are surprising.

Religious belief and Alien Life, Is There a Link?

More than five thousand Americans were asked during the poll and the result provided some astonishing religious connections. More than 30% of those who were asked said that they believed in alien life. 55% of them are Atheists, 44% are Muslims, 37% are Jews, 36% are Hindu and the remaining 32% are Christians.

It looks like that the outcome are relatively based on the belief system and how carnal the faith seemed to be. For example, Christians thought that the idea is difficult to understand due to the fact that the Bible said that God created the heaven and earth and he created the humans on earth. No other planet was mentioned in the Bible, at least not for Christians.

Religious belief and Alien Life, Is There a Link?

Some other religions like the Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons believes in alien life. Their writings mentioned those who are from another planet. For instance, the Seventh-day Adventists believes that religions were centered on Adam and Eve, people who's from earth, that had sinned. They concluded that if you're not from earth, you don't have to follow their rules for their belief, hence, you will follow other laws that is created by a different race.

For those who consider reincarnation is real, they think that there is a link between alien life and spirituality. Perhaps there is or maybe there is none. As time pass and scientist uncovers more proof of existence of alien life, we may come to comprehend the true part of religion in the whole of world.

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