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Monday, February 20, 2017

King Tutankhamen: A Dagger From Space

A lot of things have been told about King Tut. Space travel, aliens, meteorites. Let’s analyze it as much as we can.

Go check the internet, it's all there, "King Tut possess a blade that came from space!" or anything near that. The news took our attention in a snap, making us stop what we're doing and read the entire article, well sort of. Once again, King Tut is the object of opinion.

King Tutankhamen: A Dagger From Space

Did this King held a blade from space metal? You can say it that way. Well at least , below are some of the things we thought that might happened and other tiny details of case.

Even if it was an present or a demand, someone formed a dagger out of a space metal. Someone might have saw a rock and thought that it would be a perfect material to make a dagger for their king. It was crafted to be elegant, with designs of lilies, some feathers and a jackal. King Tut has a liking with blades, even being entombed with it.

Aside from a number of bracelets, rings and dozens of jewels, the blade was found curled up under a sheath on the king's side when he was found on 1925. The blade's details were not a concern not until 2016, scientists used an X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to learn the materials of the dagger. They were able to find out that it was made from high percentage of nickel also known as meteoric iron - which what the meteorites are made from. With that said, we can say that King Tut did indeed held a blade from outer space.

King Tutankhamen: A Dagger From Space

How did he get it, if you're asking? Of course he didn't flew up to the space to get a meteor and neither did the blade fell from the sky out of nowhere. A number of skilled blacksmith made this blade from nickels because they find the material to be special. Do you know that a couple of other iron items were found from that same time?

Ancient Egyptians sense that they have a link with the stars, which made the dagger more baffling. There has to have been a perception of desires and this made acquiring the dagger something more extraordinary. It was seemingly as a blade only fit to be wielded by a king.

In 1894, Norman Lockyer wrote "Egyptian mythology is intensely astronomical and crystallized early ideas suggested by actual observations of the sun, moon and stars."
If you know the show 'Ancient Aliens', there has been this talk of Egyptian knowledge that is connected with the stars. As early as 3000 years, the Egyptians were told to have expertise in astronomy. Some says that they were taught by these out of this world beings while they craft the pyramids, particularly the Pyramid of Giza which is told to be parallel with Thuban, the north star.

Obelisks were erected due to obsession with the heaven by the Egyptians. Obelisk was constructed in tribute for the sun god Rah. Even though the Egyptians praised the dawn, they also pictured their Gods with three-star symbols in their hieroglyphics.

King Tut may have wanted to go to the heavens. King Tut's dagger was found attached to his side of hismummified body, discovered by archeologist 30 centuries later.

We can still assume that King Tut was truly glorified to hold such uncommon blade. It's not normal that one can carry a piece of a space metal on our side. I can't, without any doubt dispute where the blade came from. A possibility that anything that is other than a human that came from space and granted it to him. Do you notice that from time to time, the story of king Tut arises?

Well, I am sure that we've not witnessed the last of him yet. I'm just curious what will he unveil to us next time.

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