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Sunday, February 12, 2017

HEARTBREAKING: Brei The Cured Zombie Husky Already Passed Away

Many netizens still remember the inspiring story of Brei and her adopter/pet owner Raevin Bonifacio. Raevin cured the wounded, scabbies infected dog that he named Brei last year. The story of dedication that Raevin showcased captured the hearts of many people.

 Much more surprising is that Reavin didn't seek the help of veterinarians to aid Brei in her recovery, yet he succeeded. From the scabbies infected zombie dog, it turned out that Brei is actually a part husky. Unfortunately, Brei passed last February 11 2017 5:22AM(GMT+8 ) according to Raevin's heartbreaking post.

Raevin narrated their memories on his post. He narrated of how he did everything to aid Brei in her recovery. Despite his limited financial capability to send Brein to a veterinary he did everything to take care of Brei from her sorry condition, recovery phase, healing and up to her untimely death. Raevin is devastated because of her untimely lost. Brei also thanked the local mainstream media for sharing or featuring their story to millions of readers and viewers here in the Philippines.

Her memories will still remain in Raevin's heart and the millions of people who witnessed their inspiring story. Raevin's empathy towards stray animals should be emulated. Stray dogs should not be left in the streets to die. They should be taken care of, and be treated as companions or partners.


Photo Courtesy: Raevin Amante Bonifacio


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