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Monday, February 20, 2017

Filipino Man Saves Kitten With Stitched Eyes

This is a video that was uploaded the day after Valentine's Day.It is disturbing to imagine how can someone do this to a poor kitten.The said kitten is found in a very sorry condition. The kitten's eyes and ears lids are bleeding because of the stitches. In the video, a man named Jonil Manatad Novela saves the poor kitten by removing multiple stitches in its face.

Jonil added that animals do not deserve such treatment. He seemed to be very empathic towards animals since he said that kittens have no ability to hurt people, and why should a person hurt them? He made a slight implication that the one who did this might have been a broken hearted person since the cat was found succumbing the stitches the day after Valentine's Day. He ended the post with an optimistic tone, saying that he named the kitten July and is recently recovering.

The video gained more than 7 million views since it was uploaded last February 15. Many netizens expressed outrage and admiration because of Jonil's effort to remove the stitches in the cat's eyes. Some even expressed outrage by saying that if death penalty would be implemented, it should include the crime of animal cruelty.


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