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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Discrimination: Davao Hotel Bans Indian Medical Students For Their Smell

The rapid globalization since the end of Cold War significantly reduced racism worldwide. Filipinos are known to be hospitable to people from other races. But here's an exception; Last February 3 2017, a hotel in Davao City, Philippines refused to accept Indian medical students as renters because of their smell.  

Racism In The Philippines: Davao Hotel Bans Indians For Their Smell

According to the viral Facebook post shared by a woman named Cudlob Doow Lezah(probably not her real name).
“These Medical Students from India were supposed to move-in as renters but were banned/NEVER had the chance to get in. The reason? Somebody from the Property Management Office decided to ban the students because of their SMELL!!! YES SMELL!!” Lezah wrote.
Racism In The Philippines: Davao Hotel Bans Indians For Their Smell

Her Facebook post attracted several commenters and it currently has more than 3000 post shares. Commentators are upset of how the Indians are treated, and almost all of them agree that they do not deserve to be treated like that. The refusal of the hotel to admit them gave them an ordeal that they do not deserve: They succumbed hunger all night and even had to stay under the rainy night sky last February 3.

Earlier this year it was announced that Indian nationals involved in a form of usury colloquially called 5-6 may be arrested by the Philippine government even without warrant of arrest, Inquirer reports. It was announced by DOJ Sec. Aguirre last month.

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