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Thursday, February 16, 2017

CREEPY: The Lost Episode Of Naruto!

Naruto Last Episode

Did you ever watch an anime and love it all of a sudden? Well, who would not know about Naruto? 

Many of us have seen Naruto grow popular and spend almost all of their time watching its series. Some were so obsessed that they even bought the DVD’s. 

But, what would you do if you found a lost episode of Naruto that may hunt you for the rest of your life? Would you still watch it?

An article about a huge fan of Naruto finding a lost episode have gone viral and shocked many of the netizens. He stumbled upon what was almost like a lost file in one of his DVD’s and gave him the biggest fright of his life.

Like most of the fans, he would go online and waited for the new English subtitled episodes to be released in some websites. But when they would not post a new episode for a long time, he will just watch Naruto on the DVD’s that he bought. He bought these DVD’s when they were first made, not edited or anything by the company whom sells them. Of course these newly unedited DVD’s were obviously in Japanese, so he could never understand any word it said.

While watching on his laptop, he wondered if he can insert his own English subtitle and used software to edit the DVD. He wishes that he never did this.

Naruto bloodshot eyes

He stumbled upon what seemed to be a frame by frame episode. He could see Naruto’s eyes all bloodshot, looking actually realistic. Naruto was just staring at the screen until his laptop shut down and rebooted.

Hidan Naruto

Once it rebooted, it showed Hidan using one of his Jashinist techniques and the episode began to look like those old movies, where it had black spots appear from time to time. This was an unedited episode but Hidan said something in English instead of the Japanese voice over. Hidan did not even sound like the English voice actor, it was almost a demonic voice was taking control and said:

“Run, run. Cling to life. I will come for you. I am now part of your life. I am your body. I am part of you.”

Hidan's Jashinist technique

It then showed Hidan stabbing himself. It then replayed this over and over until his laptop shut down again. He drove to his friend’s house and found his mother crying. He asked what is wrong and her reply was:

“He’s dead. He began to have a seizure and his eyes rolled back. He was moving his feet around in circles and writing what seemed to be an ‘A’ inside the circle.”

Hidan, the Jashinist

So, he went to his other friends’ house and brought them with him. They did a little research on Hidan. He was a Jashinist, so to actually activate his technique he needed some type of an ‘A’ in a circle to step in. Then, his computer rebooted once again, and it showed Hidan’s face. They all thought it was stupid but Hidan began to speak:

“Give me another soul to hunt. I am everything. I am disease. I am your friend.”
Then his screen shut off and could not turn back on. The next day, they made a garage sale and a 15-year old boy bought the DVD. He felt sad, scared and also relieved.

Please be warned, you can believe him or you can buy another Naruto DVD.

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