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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Are They Reincarnated?: 4 Former Assassinated US Presidents Have Shocking Parallels

There are several astonishing parallels among the lives of these 4 former Presidents of The United States of America. For example; Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy's parallel lives are beyond coincidental. Many Americans do not realize that not only Lincoln and Kennedy have these strange coincidences. William McKinley and James Garfield also have these awesome parallels that will make you think; Are they reincarnated?

Here are the coincidental facts between Lincoln and Kennedy, most of these coincidences are took place during their assassinations:

Both of them are shot in places named Ford. Abraham Lincoln was shot in FORD's Theater, while John F. Kennedy is shot in a LINCOLN CONTINENTAL FOUR DOOR CONVERTIBLE LIMO built by FORD Company. This astonishing parallel is often called The Ford connection by most conspiracy theorists.

The graphic details of their assassination are also parallel to each other, Both Lincoln and Kennedy are melodramatically shot in back of the head with the company of their wives! And both of these former presidents did not die immediately despite the fact that their heads are blown into smithereens. This coincidence is the most tragic one. Both of them are shot on Friday. Tragically, both of their assassins were killed and did not face prosecution and trials.

Their deaths gave a significant impact to the American population. Shockingly, Lincoln and Kennedy do not seem to have these coincidences. Both of their successors have parallels too. Both of their successors were fellow Democrats and both of their family name is Johnson. Both Andrew and Lyndon Johnson first saw the light of the world in years ending in '08(Andrew Johnson was born on 1808 while Lyndon was born in 1908).

Lincoln and Kennedy are not the only pair of US Presidents to have these coincidences. Even William McKinley and James Garfield lives are somehow parallel to each other. Here are some facts that will might make you think and say,; ''Are they reincarnated?''.

William McKinley's Assassination

James Garfield's Assassination

McKinley and Garfield are both Republicans. Before becoming Presidents of the United States both of them served at the House of The Representatives. Mckinley and Garfield are staunch critics of some American industrialists. Both of them are assassinated, sharing the fate of Lincoln and Kennedy. Both of their assassins have distinctive non-American surnames like Charles Guiteau(assassin of James Garfield) and Leon Czolgosz(assassin of William McKinley.) Both of these men have a more European sounding surnames in Charles' case a French one, while Leon's Czolgosz is Polish in descent.

These connections seem to be merely coincidental, skeptics might consider these as merely products of creative and associative imagination. The concept of reincarnation is from Eastern Religions and philosophies. It is interesting to note that  Friedrich Nietzsche and other Western philosophers believe in the concept of eternal recurrence. The concept is reminiscent to Eastern philosophies because according to the idea of eternal return, history repeats itself. With the possibility of infinite time but limited number of events, some of these events will repeat itself.


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