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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Anunnaki's Marks: The Giant Footprint Of Ain Dara

Ain Dara temple can be located in the northwest of Aleppo, Syria. This is decorated by 3 giant footprints. It is still a mystery for the scholars up to this day for what is purpose those footprints.

It is said that there is proof that Giants once roamed the Earth all around the world. This is a myth to some but for some researchers and authors, this is a proof that a species of giants existed in Earth in the past. Perhaps these giants were once thought as a gods.

 Anunnaki's Marks

In the west of Ain Dara village that is located in the northwest of Aleppo, Syria you may see the temple of Ain Dara. This village is also known to have a few extraordinary structures. The temple of Ain Dara was discovered in 1955 by chance when a very large basalt Lion was uncovered, because of this discovery, digging was carried out the next years exposing the interesting pieces of the past.

The temple is considered to have existed on the iron age of Syrian-Hittite culture. Syrian-Hittite or Neo-Hittites were a body of political individual that arise at the end of the 2nd millennium after the fall of the Hittite empire. They filled the void for the politics and turn into the superior power in the region until they were defeated by the Neo-Assyrian Empire at the end of the 8th century.

 Anunnaki's Large Foot Prints

The Large Footprints

With the number of findings that have been made in Ain Dara, experts are still skeptical as to what god the temple was devoted to and the large number of sculptures and the bas reliefs decorated the walls at the sire that made it greatly hard for scholars to arrive at conclusion.

Still, before you even got a chance to view the beautiful interior of the temple, there is a lot to be seen. Once you arrive and before entering the temple, you will see a pair of large footprints that were supposedly carved in the stone floor that took both experts and tourist by surprise.

Intriguingly, there is a 3rd large footprint not too far from the first two that were carved on the floor, nearly saying where to go. Now the question is why carve such giant footprints and why only just 3?

What is the purpose of these footprints and were they a depiction of the gods? Were they placed in that location for artistic reason or are they a proof of an existence that is much more surprising?

Up to this day, it is still a mystery for what these giant footprints are to symbolize. A few scholars proposed that they are prints of animals while other consider that they embody the footprints of the gods.

Anunnaki Giant

Possibly, these giant markings that measures about one meter were meant to be a recognizable representation of the gods. It may have been carve to exemplify the existence of their gods entering the temple and moving closer to the throne in the central sanctuary.

Some archeologist who hypothesized that the giant footprints may have been from one of the gods that was glorified at the temple since there are a lot of sculptures of Ishtar and the drawings of the ancient Sumerian god of storm Ba'al Haddad decorates the walls, although all of them are illustrated wearing shoes that has curled-up toes.

Additionally, another amazing feature of the temple of Ain Dara is it's likeness with the biblical definition of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

It is told that the similarities of the 2 temples are their floor plan, era, size and decorations.

Ain Dara Giant

But before you think that one temple was affected or influenced by the other, let us tell you that there are other temples in the area that are similar to with the temple of Ain Dara and temple of Solomon.

The name of the temples are Ebla, Emar and Munbaqa. Though it may be implied that these temples came to a bigger cultural tradition which influenced the region during that era.

Intriguingly, Mesopotamia is famous for being the rock of civilization and origin of one of the most important mythological stories on Earth so finding a curious and baffling discoveries like the giant footprints is something that one should expect in the region.

The Myth around the region assured that a time when giants, Demigods and gods wander the land leaving their footprints behind.

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