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Monday, January 9, 2017

Yin Yang: The First Set Of Black And White Twins

One is black and has big brown eyes. The other is a blue-eyed blonde with the palest of skin.

They might share the same pretty smile, but side by side, they could hardly look less alike.

Yet surprisingly, Kian and Remee are twins, born a minute apart.

After interracial marriage was fully legalized in the United States in a 1967 Supreme Court decision, more and more mixed couples have been coming together and creating their own happy families.

But while mixed families are more commonly seen now than ever before, it's still quite rare to see a set of black and white twins born. And such is the story of this mother who gave birth to twin girls, one black and one white.

Black and white twin sisters Kian (black) and Remee (white), seven years after they came into the world

"It was a shock when I realized that my twins were two different colours," said nineteen-year-old Kylie Hodgson, who birthed two healthy daughters via caesarean section April last year. "But it doesn't matter to us - they are just our two gorgeous little girls."

Baby Remee, weighing a bit over five pounds, was born with blond hair and a fair complexion. Baby Kian, born a minute later, had black hair and a darker skin tone. Both girls had blue eyes at birth, but as they grew up, Baby Kian's eyes turned brown while her sister's stayed blue.

Their parents--the mother Kylie, and her partner Remee Horder--share a common trait that may have contributed to the phenomenon. Both their mothers were white, while their fathers were black.

While rare, the twins are definitely not alone in this peculiar situation. And despite having different skin tones, the girls developed a strong sibling bond and a beautiful friendship.

Another set of white and black twins Lucy(left) and Maria Aylmer (righT)

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