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Saturday, January 28, 2017

WATCH:Swedish Man Met Himself In The Future

This is one of the strangest and yet most convincing tale of time travel that surfaced in the Internet. A man named Håkan Nordkvist managed to travel to the future and even recorded a shocking footage of the world of tomorrow. In the video he met the older 72-year-old version of himself. 

Håkan Nordkvist's story is reminiscent to science fiction stories involving time or interdimensional travel. He narrated a story of how he accidentally traveled back in time;

DATE-August 30 2016 PLACE( Färjestaden, Sweden): Håkan Nordkvist just went home and saw his kitchen flooded with water. He discovered that the water came from the broken pipe located under his sink. He opened the water logged sink cabinet and sought for the broken pipe. Håkan's search for the broken pipe turned out to be a journey through space and time. Hakan believed that he was sucked by the wormhole while searching for the raptured pipe.

YEAR-2042 PLACE(Färjestaden, Sweden): Håkan Nordkvist found himself in this year. In this year everything is technologically advanced. Luckily, he managed to bring his cellular phone with the camera in the future. Håkan found his future self in the same place, but in the different time-line. Unfortunately, the cellphone video is of low quality or resolution but he managed to capture the proof that he indeed met himself in the future; they have the same tattoos. The strangest and paradoxical thing about their meeting is that the older version of himself knew that they are fated to meet.

Håkan Nordkvist's tale is hard to believe. Some netizens even noted that if he indeed traveled to the future why didn't he capture the videos of the some advanced technology of the world of tomorrow. Some sources even point out that the video and tale of time travel is may just be a marketing or publicity stunt by an insurance company named AMF(Autorité des marchés financiers). But who knows? The video might be authentic and Håkan Nordkvist's tale is real deal.


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