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Saturday, January 14, 2017

VIDEO: Chinese Man Caught Performing Teleportation

VIDEO:Chinese Man Caught Performing Teleportation

We all dream of traveling instantaneously from one place to another. In a fast moving world, even adults secretly daydream about being able to perform teleportation. Interestingly, there is a rather bizarre video (The video is from a CCTV reel)from China that shows a man performing teleportation that in turn saved a man's life.

VIDEO:Chinese Man Caught Performing Teleportation

The video was analyzed by dozens of skeptics and they have concluded the video was edited. There is no way that a person can travel instantaneously from one place to another. Even scientific laws do not allow it.Critics of the video also believed; That's from China, therefore fake. There are also people who are convinced that the video is authentic and a real CCTV footage.



Strangely, the one who performed teleportation wears a hood. This led to the speculation that he is not human, instead he/she is from an extra terrestrial/extra-spatial origin. The man also appears to have glowing hands that may be related to his/her ability to perform teleportation.

Teleportation: Is It Possible?

With our present technological advancements, it appears that nothing is impossible. In the famous Star Trek franchise, a device called Transporter made teleportation possible. These devices can turn the person into pure quantum state(dematerilaization) and later reforming the person into being(rematerialization). These two processes was made possible by a hypothetical device called Heisenberg compensator. Scientists believe that when we already have our hand on the full potentials of quantum computers, it would make teleportation possible.

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