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Saturday, January 7, 2017

SHOCKING: 12-YEAR Old Girl Committed Suicide On Facebook Live

A shocking video was originally uploaded on Facebook Live. In the video, Katelyn Nicole Davis committed suicide by hanging herself on a tree. Katelyn made her Youtube Channel a month ago. She is an aspiring Youtube star but instead of having her fame, all she got was online bullies. They hurled hate comments and perverted remarks that pushed her to end her own life by hanging.

According to many comments in her videos; She is living in a miserable condition, she lives at a trailer truck with her brother. Despite of her living condition, she has aspirations. She dreams to be a Youtube superstar in the alias ITZ DOLLY.

After uploading her 2 videos she received lots of hater comments. Coupled with poverty,anxiety,depression and the feeling of being inferior, She took her own life and she even broadcasted it on Facebook Live. ITZ DOLLY's story should be an eye opener among irresponsible or apathetic online trolls who diss people for fun. Think before you click.

Rest In Peace Katelyn Nicole Davis(2004-2016)

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