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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Knock! Knock! – We are the Black Eyed Kids

Black eyed kids

We people are hospitable in nature. Whenever we see someone needs a shelter for a night, we never hesitate to help them by letting them inside our homes.

But what if the people you help will also be the reason to your danger, will you let them in?

Recently, there was news circulating about a group of people who brings bad luck to people whom they encounter.

They are called Black Eyed Kids.


There’s a woman named Jamilyn who claims that her friend once had an encounter with the BEK’s and led her to a disaster.

Jamilyn’s friend, who is a very attractive lady, visited a friend in California. During her visit, she met a man – who is a bartender in the bar she stayed.

They chatted and ended up making love in the woman’s house. Late midnight, the man woke up from his sleep and saw children near the sink – they were frightening as he describe it. All the children have black eyes – really black eyes.

Later that month, the man was diagnosed with a bladder cancer and no medication would ease his condition.

Black eyed adults

These black eyed kids were found knocking on doors, spreading chaos to everyone they met.

Don’t let them scare you. Ignore them.

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