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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Forever Alone No More – Sex Robot 'Clones' Can Be Ordered Online

Sex Robot

The advanced 'erotic technology' will have realistic warm skin and even copy real humans down to their dimensions and character traits.

Tired of stalking on the internet? Fed up on scrolling and liking pictures on Facebook and Instagram? 

Do you like someone really hot, but let’s face it; he’s out of your league. 

Say no more! You can order exactly like him online. But there’s a catch he’s a robot. 

The device is designed to copy the dimension and personality traits of the person you want to clone. 

Also, it will also have its own pulse. The exciting part about this science breakthrough is that it’s coming to the stores as said by David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots.

Sex Dolls

Another feature of it is that it can also clone celebrities bit before that licenses should be served first.

Some of the assumed benefits of the robots were the following: First, lesser arguments for the couples since there’s no jealousy upon love making with a robot. Second, threesome is possible everyone. The more people involved, the more exciting it gets.

Doll parts
Various components of sex dolls today
Experts believe that we are years away from achieving those robots, but the demand for it is extremely high.

Tired of being alone? Say no more, robots are on its way to satisfy your desires. 

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