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Monday, January 9, 2017

Exploring Bible In A Walk: The Biggest (and Creepiest) Wax Museum?

Crucifixion of Christ
The Crucifixion of Christ is brought to life in graphic detail.
There are different museums standing in the United States but among all of them there is one who seems mysterious to some.

No, it’s not a museum featuring mysterious creatures together with their stories.

No, it’s not a museum displaying ancient artifacts that seeks to be discovered.

It’s a Christian – themed museum located in the state of Ohio that is divided in four sections; The Old and New Testament, The Heart of the Reformation and the Museum of the Christian Martyrs. In the museum, there are over 300 wax figures in over 70 biblical scenes.

It’s like walking through a wax Bible.

The museum has a cheap entry for only $6.

Also, the tour is self – guided, the guide will lead you into a dimly lit, hallway with walls painted pitch black and the visitors just needed to press a white button to start.

Eve at the Garden of Eden
Eve at the Garden of Eden
Seconds after hearing the click, a stream of light burst from the ceiling and the booming words of God filled the room.
“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth….”
And the narration continued to give us the history of the creation of the earth as told by an almighty God (every voice was recorded by members of the church congregation).
Abraham offering Isaac to God
Abraham lay down his only son, Isaac as an offering to God
Each museum has a fixed time to explore. The Old and New Testament each take an hour to tour, while the Museum of Christian Martyrs and Heart of the Reformation each take a half-hour.

And in order to assure that everyone received the full message of the Bible, each scene has its own tale, background music, and random character dialog, and the next scene doesn't turn on until the current one turns off.

Job covered in boils
Job is covered in boils

The Old and New Testament tours are the most popular. Some of the displays portray the dramatic event in the bible. It shows the stone rolls away from Jesus' tomb, Lot’s wife turns to show that she’s been turned to a pillar or salt, King Solomon raises a sword to a baby dangling by its leg, etc.

In contrast, the Museum of Christian Martyrs sounded amusing, but its displays only depicted martyr's moment of decision, not martyrdom, and so lacked the dramatic appeal of the Old Testament.

We overheard a rumor that there might be a ghost or two roving the building. I can only imagine how eerie it must be in here after dark. Do you think that the Bible Walk is haunted?”
The guide reached out and put his hand on my shoulder, and gently said, “Brother, the only ghost wandering the Bible Walk is the Holy Ghost.

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