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Sunday, January 8, 2017

DUTERTE – The First Philippines President With A Trillion Budget

Duterte in Malacañang

Rodrigo Duterte, has been known as a cussing machine for his blunt remarks to different world leaders. He is the mayor of Davao for a very long time – and that’s where he first started his war on drugs.

During his regime, Davao has been hailed as the second safest city in the world. Davaoeños were disciplined and followed the rules strictly implemented by the authorities.

But this article isn’t about Duterte and his famous headlines. It’s about the allocation of our national budget.

Philippine budget 2017

The administration plans a record budget of 3.35 trillion pesos – making Duterte the first president to have a trillion budget, 11.6% higher compared to our last year budget.

Majority of the budget will be allocated mainly to infrastructure, state universities, irrigation and war on drugs.

President Duterte

Duterte once said in his speech at Malacañang, “The budget includes the sizable increase in allocation of infrastructure project, free education for state universities and colleges, universal health care, rice allowance for the poor, free irrigation subsistence, allowance for prisoners and pension for war veterans and centenarians.

The departments; Public Works, Interior and Local Government and Transportation increased their budget by 18.3%, 19.4% and 25% respectively. The president hopes to have lesser borrowings and improved tax collections.

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