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Monday, January 9, 2017

By The River: Black Eyed Adults Killed My Boyfriend

Black eyed adult

Generations by generation myths have been passed by people. Each of these myths has played a vital role in enriching one’s culture.

Fantasizing creatures that are beyond our imagination.

Some creatures were good, helping people by giving them fortune while others were considered as wicked through the bad luck they’re giving.

Recently, there is news circulating the internet about strange illnesses of people. These strange phenomena were pointing to one group of people.

Black eyed adults. Numerous stories were about the peculiarity of Black Eyed Adults but there’s one experience that’s unique above them all.

It happened in United Kingdom where Esme and his boyfriend stayed in Leigh Woods.

Esme’s story goes like this.

black eyed adult

They’re about to go to their respective work when they encounter four people. The three of them have completely black eyes while the other one is a beautiful black girl and her eyes was normal. The area their about to walk through were full of mud and the strangest thing about the four people were they seem to walk effortlessly amidst of the mud. 

They tried greeting them but no response came. 

One year later, Esme’s boyfriend died tragically at the very same spot where they met the Black Eyed Adults. Her boyfriend tried to save someone named Sally, he even refused to be rescued until he save Sally.

Esme pointed this event to BEA’s, but we never know. 

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