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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Australia’s Parliament House Roll: Up To 700 Tumbles Down For The Last Time

Australia parliament roll

Have you ever tried joining a protest? 

Where people have those placards and banners inked with the principle they are fighting for. People gathered with one purpose – to voice out their requests.

That’s our situation before, but now it's a whole different thing.

Before, word of mouth has been used to disseminate information before going to a protest.

Today, a Facebook event was used to gather people.

It started with Lester Yao, a Canberra architect who only wanted to gather family and friends but the event went viral and their numbers increased to 700.

Yao and other people gathered on the lawns of Australia’s Parliament House to roll down the hill.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

There is a proposed security fence to be built around the area after some protesters enabled to breach security at the Parliament House.

Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sees the fence as a necessary security upgrade.

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