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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Why You Should Stop Watching Television

A fictional character named Dr. Londes said: ''Do you know what the greatest and worst invention that humans ever made was? Television. Television controls people using information and steals their sense of reality. Yes. Now television itself is a religion''. By turning our TV sets on, we'll get fabricated news,advertisements,dumb and sleazy ''reality'' TV shows, and violent cartoons that may affect the behavior of young people. Shockingly, there are countless studies that have proven that watching television have more negative effects than positive ones.

Several studies have been conducted and the conclusions are unsettling. One of the most disturbing conclusion by researchers from University of California is that high levels of television viewing during young to mid-adulthood were associated with worse cognitive performance in midlife! The effects of excessive television viewing is more severe on children. Children have a loose grip of reality. They are yet determine what is real, and tend to imitate an act that they have seen on television. It is also recommended that children should watch less than 3 hours of TV a day.

There is a reason why the television is often called the ''idiot box''. Reading books have lots of benefits. It is by far more intellectually stimulating than simply sitting, and passively receiving information from the dreaded idiot box. Contrary to the effect of lower cognitive functions or violent tendencies caused by watching TV, reading a book can make someone more critical,analytical and emphatic.It is highly recommended that we should turn our TV sets off and crack a spine, i mean, open and read a good book.

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