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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Shocking Monkey Head Transplant Experiment

There are many infamous experiments involving animals that sparked outrage when the outcomes are released for public disclosure. One of the most famous cases is the Monkey Head Transplant experiment. Robert J. White performed a head transplant with 2 monkeys as the subjects. Dr. White did something that a stereotypical 'mad scientist' enjoy.


He performed a seemingly impossible experiment; Transferring a monkey's head onto the body of another lab monkey. Even his colleagues are disturbed by the outcome of the experiment,calling it inhumane.


The research began with this thought provoking question: Can a brain survive completely severed from its body? This question led to the disturbing experiment involving the poor monkey. After the surgery, the monkey was able to have sensations and perception of the world around it. Surprisingly, the monkey was able to use its 5 senses. In the 9th day after the surgery, the monkey died.

Robert White was famous for this experiment. Most people would judge him for being a sadistic/psychopathic scientist who use animals for his personal whim. He defended himself from his detractors and he said that the experiment was necessary for the advancement in the field of neurosurgery. He also expressed interest in performing a surgery on Stephen Hawking.

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