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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ghee: Better Than Butter, A Healthier Option

Have you ever met a twin? Yes, they have similarities but as the time goes by you will know what their differences are. One is better doing that, the other is good doing these.
No, I’m not talking about people.

I’m talking about ghee and butter. Two things that are the same but differs in most ways – I would presume.

Ghee is the older version of butter – healthier option for people and not known to some. It is a butter-like made from the milk of a buffalo or cow. Butter on the other hand, is the mainstream option we have since it is cheaper than ghee.

People today, aren’t concerned about the price right now. They tend to value their health. “It doesn’t matter if it’s costly as long as I won’t compromise my health.”, they would say.

There are so many reasons people nowadays chooses ghee over butter here’s the reason why:

First, Ghee has a high smoke point. Second, Ghee is rich in fat soluble Vitamins A, D and E. Third, Ghee is suitable for individuals with casein and lactose sensitivities. Fourth, Ghee tastes like butter, but is “butterier”. Lastly, Ghee improves digestion.

There are a lot more benefits ghee has to offer but listing the things above would be enough to convince people that ghee is better than butter.

Ghee can be bought to stores and online shops near you.

Yes to ghee, yes to healthy options.

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