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Monday, December 26, 2016

Family Bonding – Where Mom And Dad thought me as their 'Meal'

A family was seen preparing for their dinner. The mother cooks sumptuous meals that will be served later for diner. His husband on the other hand just came in from work then smiled as she smelled aroma from their kitchen. Their son, busy doing his home works piled near the computer together with his books. 

A normal setup isn’t it?

Then let me tell you a story where family bond don’t exist and parents forgot who they really are.

The rain was pouring hard while the trees swayed to its beat – bowing to every gush of the wind coming along the way. 

Then inside a cave, a family can found – three of them to say the least. Silence were emanating between them. No one dares to break their silence. No, they’re not fighting – just hungry for a food.

The mother thrown a glare at his husband, who’s been eating bone marrow for quite days now – then the husband find his way to the entrance of the cave.

He cherished the moment he had spent together with his son – a smile formed in his face. “He had my dark hair and his mother’s light skin.” He said.

Still occupied by his thoughts, the husband suddenly felt a glimpse of pain coming from his neck. It was his wife who gave him a hit. He tried not to fight back but his wife only gets more frustrated hitting him with everything she might pick.

“Give it to me!” she said, still trying to get even mad at her husband.

The husband, filled with anger positioned himself and started to hit his wife’s head. Each hit was full of anger and every swing was full of force.

“I didn’t think mankind was so evil” he said.

What happened today has made me change my mind though. 

After all, I just killed my wife while fighting for the bones of my son.

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