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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Facebook Bashers: Are you one of them?

responsible usage of facebook

Facebook has been part of our daily lives for the past years. An online social networking site where people connect with their loved ones – one like or share may ignite a friendship.

As the time goes by, Facebook introduced a lot of changes which has been patronized by the users which seems to be useful to them.

One of the recent changes in Facebook is the reaction buttons, where you choose from different reactions, “like, love, wow, haha, angry or sad”.Facebook is not just about connecting people anymore, it has been used as a platform to share news – whether it’s real or not.

But for most cases, the news being scattered on Facebook were merely hoax.

The problem is, most people see the news from Facebook as legit as the news being printed on the newspapers and that’s where the matter is complicated. Some of the news, even started arguments on Facebook since the people using the social networking site comes from different nations.

Facebook, a social media giant has exerted much effort in order to eliminate the hoax circulating on the site.

think before you click

Having a social media account is a responsibility we have to take. It’s never always about the people who manages the entire site but for the people using it as well. We need to have the discernment whether we will believe something that we see online.

 Besides, Facebook’s main goal is to connect people.

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