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Monday, December 26, 2016

Creepy Crawlies: A Boy Died After Ingesting A Tiny Spider

A Boy Died After Accidentally Ingest A Tiny Spider

Whenever we see spiders whether in a TV series or movie, we are enthusiastic and find it amusing watching them making spider webs.

 Some comic fanatic would even say, “Hey that’s Spidey!” But what if I told you not all spiders are meant to be superheroes.

That some of them seeks destruction – waiting to unleash their wrath. Even when they’re tiny they can be our biggest nightmare.

The night was young while the winds sung a breeze when a little boy found himself awoke in the middle of the night. His things were kept unchanged still the same before he got to sleep – except for the terrible stomach twinges he’s been enduring for the past days.

He positioned himself hoping that the pain will ease while looking at the spider web at his ceiling – he’s been too lazy to remove. The pain was constant as if it will last forever. And then snap!

He felt a wobbling sensation from his stomach – an itching sensation caused by hairs. It continued to wobble up until his esophagus straight to his mouth. The creature bit his lips forcing him to spit it to the near toilet bowl. Shocked by the incident – he found out small –hairy spiders at the bowl.

Few days had passed the boy didn’t survived the venom caused by the unknown creature. Several tests were conducted and none of them directed to the specific specie of spider that bit the boy.

Up until now, no one knows what creature had lurked inside the boy’s room.

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