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Sunday, December 4, 2016

AVOID:M&M’s May Cause Cancer And Other Deadly Diseases

AVOID:M&M’s May Cause Cancer And Other Deadly Diseases

75 years ago, M&M’s first hit the market. Since then, M&M’s are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. M&M’s match the atmosphere of the Christmas season because of its multiple color variations. But behind these colors hide a dark secret that could compromise the health of M&M’s consumers around the world. Multiple studies have been conducted and the results are quite unsettling; M&M’S CONTAIN CARCINOGENS!

AVOID:M&M’s May Cause Cancer And Other Deadly Diseases

Reports of health risks posed by M&M’s is not new. 40 years ago, a certain ingredient named Red Dye Number Two was isolated and tested to be carcinogenic. Red Dye Number 2 was banned until 1983 when i was reintroduced once again. Other than the infamous Red 2, several ingredients are also considered risky to once well-being.

AVOID:M&M’s May Cause Cancer And Other Deadly Diseases

According to The Hearty Soul: Apart from Red Dye #2, M&M’s contain:

Blue Dye #1: linked to malignant tumor growth in rat studies as well as low blood pressure problems, hives, asthma, and allergic reactions.

Blue Dye #2: linked to tumor growth, abnormal cell development, and hyperactivity in children 

Red Dye #40: linked to cancer, DNA damage, swelling around the mouth, hives, and hyperactivity 

Yellow Dye #5: a common food allergy, as well as potential links to cancer and behavioral problems 

Yellow Dye #6: linked to diarrhea, vomiting, migraines, allergic reactions, hyperactivity and cancer


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