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Monday, December 26, 2016

5 People Awake For 15 Days: True Story Or Hoax?

We humans, are never contented to whatever we have – an endless search for something unseen. Likewise, to see is to believe. There is something or somewhere to be discovered – we must not stop, they would say. But what if those questions lead you to an incident extremely horrible to the point that reality isn’t real – and darkness seems to devour you.

Are you brave enough to find out? Or you ran as fast as you can and forget that it even crossed your mind?

Going back in year 1940, researchers from Russia orchestrated a scientific experiment involving five political prisoners wherein they gave them gas – based stimulant. Those stimulants had prevented the prisoners to fall asleep – keeping them awake for 15 days.

False hope – that freedom will be given to them upon being tested as a subject. When people promised you something – you tend to believe and imagine the possible things that will occur. And that false hope being held tightly by prisoners led them to insanity.

The Russian Sleep Experiment

The experiment progressed as the days goes by - together with the drastic changes in the prisoners’ behavior. Agony – it was the primary state of the prisoners inside the chambers. Till one day…

The higher authorities ordered the researchers to join the remaining prisoners who withstand the misery behind bars. The researcher dismayed by the order, pointed a gun to a prisoner and said, “I won’t be locked in here with these things! Not with you!”

The Russian Sleep Experiment

The prisoner sheepishly smiled and said, “We are you. We are the madness that lives inside you.”
Still dismayed, the researcher pulled the trigger aiming the prisoner’s heart.
“So… nearly… free…” the prisoner whispered.

Leaving the researcher in the chamber – not imprisoned yet seeks to be free.

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