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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Shocking Footage of a Dragon Caught In China

The Shocking Footage of a Dragon Caught In China

Dragons are one of the most famous mythological creatures. Different types of dragons are well known in many Eastern and Western cultures. Interestingly, a Chinese man caught one of the most authentic footage that may prove their existence. On October 2016, a Chinese man caught a roaming Western Dragon near the Laotian Border.

The Shocking Footage of a Dragon Caught In China

Reports of Western Dragon sightings are very rare in Eastern Asian countries. Mainly because most dragons depicted in Eastern cultures possess no wyvern-like or gargoyle features. In the East, dragons are symbol of prosperity and good omens. Eastern dragons possess more serpentine characteristics, and they lack wings. While in the West, dragons are depicted as malevolent creatures and they are associated to evil. Western dragons have wings and smaller compared to their Eastern counterparts.

The footage gained mixed reactions among netizens. Some skeptics even stated that the video was edited, while some believe that it is genuine. Amateur cryptozoologists even speculated that the dragon caught on camera might be a living fossil, a type of pterodactyl. Interestingly, the dragon appears to be Western.

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