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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OPINION: Viral Photos And Videos That Gave Filipino Millennials A Bad Reputation

Desidarius Erasmus once said that “The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth'' or in a more famous form according to Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal: the youth is the hope of our fatherland (Ang kabataan ay pag asa ng bayan in Filipino). Are these quotes still relevant in the digital age? These are some of the photos that went viral in the past years. With the ubiquity of technology in the new millennium, bad behavior is harder to hide.


Earlier this year in the month of February, a viral video surfaced online featuring a high school student using the Philippine map as a floor mop. The video went viral and negative reactions flood the comments section of the original video that was uploaded. It was later revealed that the students in the video are from University of the East, Weeks later after the video was uploaded online, UE has kicked out the students who used the Philippine flag as a mop.

On the contrary, five years ago, a photo went viral showing a school girl named Janela Arcos Lelis, 12 yrs old, performing a patriotic act by holding a Philippine flag amidst the flood in order to save it. She was later honored by National Historical Commission of The Philippines.



Earlier this year, this photo went viral. According to some sources the students are from STI College in Davao. The students later apologized for raising the middle finger while their professor was writing something in the whiteboard. According to Saberon(one of the students in the picture) they did not mean to hurt anyone with their gesture.



Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said that “Everything is good as it comes from the hands of the Maker of the world, but degenerates once it gets into the hands of man”. Simply put, man is naturally good, and anything that is not natural has corrupted us from this natural state. The bad behavior of the millennials should be blamed on the rapid technological progress in the 21st Century and modern pop culture that encourages promiscuity or frivolity.

Perhaps, Rousseau was right, if we watch documentaries that some people call poverty porn, it is very evident that young people living in the less developed areas of the Philippines can be labeled naturally good, because they grew up in a more natural setting. The best example to prove the statement of natural morality, is the photo of the girl who saved the Philippine flag 5 years ago. They tend to value things that millennials living in the city find irrelevant.

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