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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Filipino Inventor Claimed To Have Invented Water Powered Cars

The whole world was plunged into chaos because of oil and gasoline. Modern wars and economic breakdowns are directly and indirectly caused by oil. Then came this man who claimed to have invented cars powered by water. He is a Filipino engineer named Daniel Dingel. He converted 100 cars that run on water throughout his life. In 1969, mankind witnessed technological innovations that changed the world; Man finally made it to the moon and the early pavements of the information superhighway was constructed. But mankind was unaware of the secret technological breakthrough that took place on Dingel's garage. His invention could've made our lives easier and saved millions of lives too. Did he really invent water powered cars? 

In the mid-80's he received wide media attention. Dingel claimed to have driven his car from Metro Manila to Laguna and it covered a distance of 100 miles. Surprisingly, the water powered car only consumed 500ml of gasoline and 4 gallons of water. He even traveled to America using his water powered car. He showed his invention to Americans to prove that his invention is geniune. He made a test drive from Detroit to Florida. His car consumed only 2000ml of gasoline and 60 liters of water. However, Daniel's converted car do not purely rely on water, a small amount of gasoline is needed to start the engine. The nature of his invention equally attracted skeptics and admirers.

He gained a lot of detractors and skeptics because of his ideas. Even Philippine's own DOST(Department of Science And Technology) dismissed his invention and called it an elaborate hoax.Dingel believed that the government would not support him and his ideas because most politicians and officials have connections with the Big 3(Petron, Shell and Chevron (formerly Caltex).He lacked government support and funding throughout his life and he was even sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment because of alleged swindling. The case was filed by a Taiwanese man named John Ding Young of Formosa Plastics Group, a Taiwanese conglomerate. The firm was convinced of Daniel's invention and gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lack of communication between two parties became the sole reason why the case was filed, not because of the nature of his invention. He died on October 18 2010.

“They keep saying that the government is pro-poor, but what they do is sell off the resources and wealth of the Philippines. The government should really support the development of technology that would help the country pay its huge foreign debt,”
-Daniel Dingel

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