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Saturday, November 5, 2016

6 Years Later: How The Smoking Indonesian Toddler Looks Like Today

Cigarette smoking poses dozens of risks to the human body. 6 years ago, news reels of a smoking 2 year old Indonesian child shocked the world. The then 2 year old Ardi Rizal smoked 40 cigarettes a day. His addiction was so severe that even the Indonesian government imposed a special rehabilitation program to help him get through his addiction. Ardi's case is not isolated, it is reported that millions of young Indonesians, 10 years old below are smokers. How is he today?

Fortunately his addiction to cigarettes was cured. He is now a normal 8 year old kid. . Now that he already quit smoking,he's living a cigarette free and happy life. However, his journey to end his addiction was not an easy one. It is an arduous path full of obstacles. His mother said that when Ardi was 5, he already quit smoking, but it was replaced by another unhealthy habit. Ardi became addicted to junk foods. Junk foods are known to contain sugars and preservatives that pose health risks as well. Ardi's weight increased a lot and became obese mainly because of adverse effects of his earlier smoking habit and his addiction to junk food.

Because of his increasing body mass, Ardi's parents took him to a nutritionist to seek help and to give Ardi a comprehensive dietary plan. Ardi, in his 8th year, overcame two addictions that made his life harder. Smoking and heavy consumption of junk foods. He is now following a healthy diet mainly consisting of fruits and vegetables. People should learn from Ardi's willpower to overcome addictions. If a child can overcome addictions, you can too.


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