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Friday, May 20, 2016

Mysterious Footage Of A 'Merman' Being Pulled From A River In Poland – Real Or Hoax?

A mysterious footage showing a creature that seemed to be half-man, half-fish being pulled by men wearing biohazard suits appeared online. 

The said incident happened in Poland, and the alleged two-minute video clip showed a group of men in biohazard suits surrounding the bizarre creature as it was lying on the banks of a river.

Mysterious Footage Of A 'Merman' Being Pulled From A River In Poland – Real Or Hoax?

After a few moments, the men lift the creature which appeared to have a man's torso and a large fishtail. A group of men dressed as paramedics with stretcher then came into the scene. The mysterious creature was placed on the stretcher and was wheeled away into an unknown location.

No information have emerged after the incident. Some people believe that the video was a hard proof that mermen do exist, while some netizens suspected that the whole incident was either a hoax or a movie scene being filmed.

Below are more screenshots taken from the 'merman' video. You can judge for yourself.

In the end, after much commotion and debate regarding the authenticity of the 'merman', the whole footage has been debunked as part of the 'Festiwal Nowi Warszawiacy'.

By the way, here's the complete video:

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