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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nigerian Mother Allegedly Killed Her Daughter To Appease The Marine Spirit

Nigerian Mother Allegedly Killed Her Daughter To Appease The Marine Spirit

A mother from Onicha Uboma Autonomous Community in the Ihitte/Uboma Local Government Area of Imo State was arrested after allegedly killing her one-year-old daughter, gouging out her eyes, and drinking her blood. According to the reports, the mother was identified as Ifeoma Emedom, 39 years old. She was charged with one count of murder, without bail.

Her husband, Azubuike Emedom, was away on a business trip when the terrible act was committed. When he returned, both his wife and his baby were missing from home. He asked the members of their community to help him find his family but they were unsuccessful.

Azubuike then decided to search inside his shop. When he got there, the door was locked from the inside. Realizing that someone must be in there, he broke down the door, and found his wife with blood on her mouth, and their baby wrapped in blood stained cloth. 

Azubuike uncovered the baby and discovered that she's already dead. Her eyeballs were missing from their sockets, and blood were gushing out from them. The autopsy result revealed that the baby’s hands and legs were also broken.

A community leader, who believe that Ifeoma was suffering from Marine Spirit torment, had stated:

"I believe she used this child for sacrifices; she sucked the blood of the child because by the time we caught her, her mouth was full of blood. She killed the baby intentionally. She always renders sacrifice to their gods in the river. Some months ago, she attempted to kill a woman from our community. She injured the woman with a knife."

Ifeoma is now being detained at the Ihitte/Uboma Police station. Investigations were on going.

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