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Friday, March 4, 2016

Ways To Prepare For A Great Good Night Sleep

Ways To Prepare For A Great Good Night Sleep

Sometimes, we feel like there's no right amount of time in the day that can give us a satisfying good night's sleep. Even falling asleep can be a struggle, we lie down on our bed for hours before finally drifting off to slumberland.

But the truth is, in order to get a good night's sleep, we must prepare for it. The body needs to cool down, calm down, and prepare itself for sleep. The 30-minute period before going to bed can make all the difference. Here's how you can prepare for that much needed sleep.


Taking a warm shower or bath before going to bed will help your body regulate its temperature by slowing down. This is why hot baths feel so relaxing. This trick will help you relax 30 minutes before going to bed. You may go for a bath, instead of a shower to keep your hair dry.


Essential oils have been used for centuries for relaxation. These aromatic oils have the power to naturally relax the body. They can be used with hot baths or other aromatherapy applications.


Being cozy before going to bed is very important. Putting on comfortable clothes, brushing your hair, or washing your face can help your body relax and prepare for sleep. Setting the sleeping temperature of your room, 30 minutes before bed, will give ample time for your body to adjust.


Listening to meditation audio or music is a great pre-bedtime relaxation technique.

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