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Monday, February 29, 2016

America All Set For A Future War With Russia?

America All Set For A Future War With Russia?

Brace yourselves as the U.S. now makes preparations to face a Russian threat in eastern Europe and Syria, It is expressed by Russia that the past is about to repeat itself and an invasion plan is most likely to take place which will resemble the Nazi Germany’s build up of forces prior to Operation Barbarossa. The only exception this time is that Russia is different from the former Soviet Union and the Nazis and their allies are the Americans and their friends in Ukraine and the Islamic State.

According to a report from Global Research, it was February 1 that the New York Times ran a front page story by two of their journalists confirming the intentions of the United States to increase its occupation of and military presence in Europe particularly the east. It is under the title “U.S. Fortifying Europe’s East to Deter Putin” - the feature story is all about the continuing series of acts of aggression against Russia and Americans also announced this action they pretended to negotiate with Russia in Geneva about a solution to the American and allied aggression against Syria.

It is believed that there is no such need to enter once again into the real history of events in Ukraine, Syria, Europe, Asia, Africa and all the places in the world where American and European meddling caused wreaked havoc and loosed Chaos with the dogs of war. Once can even argue that the pattern of moving equipment and forces continually nearer to Russia’s border, in which the continuous military exercises and their increasing control of the governments of the east European states in lockstep with this military build up. This actions looks far too much like Nazi Germany’s build of forces prior to Operation Barbarossa, the infamous Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.
“Still, there is no doubt the primary target of the funding is Russia.”

The Americans, British and Turks have built a series of provocations in the past weeks, accusing Russia of killing civilians in Syria, also violating Turkish, therefore NATO airspace, of murdering Russians abroad on the personal orders of President Putin, and as with other leaders they have attacked and murdered in the past. And they are now accusing the President Putin of corruption. The accusations made against President Putin is correlated with this strategy of setting him up to be labelled in the west as a criminal with whom negotiations are impossible and therefore, setting the stage for sowing confusion amongst the Russian people about their own leaders, and undermining support for their government.

It took nearly ten years for Operation Barbarossa to be set up and put into effect, from the time that Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany and began to discuss with the British and French his intentions of attacking the Soviet Union. The Americans are really funding resources, stores, equipment and headquarters and logistics bases that can be rapidly used to build up NATO forces at the right moment. The question is when that moment will be. And are we prepared for History repeating itself?

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