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Friday, September 18, 2015

Video Of Strange Cloud Formation Phenomenon Captured On Costa Rica

A witness was able to film a very strange and unusual cloud phenomenon above Costa Rica skies on September 15th 2015 at about 3.00 pm local time. We may ask ourselves whether this strange cloud is just a natural phenomenon or a so-called earthquake light or there’s actually more behind it?

Earthquake lights are proven and reported to widely appear while an earthquake is happening, although there are many reports of lights before or after earthquakes. It is said to have different shapes with a white to bluish hue. Occasionally, they have been reported having a wider color spectrum.

The luminosity of the earthquake lights is visible for several seconds, but there are other reports that it actually lasts for ten minutes. A different explanation says that it involves intense electric fields created piezoelectrically by tectonic movements. It can also be explained that a local disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field and/or ionosphere in the region of tectonic stress.



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