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Friday, September 11, 2015

The Simpsons Eeriely Predicts September 24 Blackout and Comet Impact

The Simpsons Eeriely Predicts September 24 Blackout and Comet Impact

Television has proved its importance to every human being as it provides information and entertainment. TV shows may come and go but there are shows who have stood the test of time/ One of them would be the iconic show, The Simpsons. Aside from their comedic acts, some people considers this show to also send out secret hidden messages that only close examination will reveal. That's why it is called conspiracy theories and it has been around the internet for a long time. The evidences we have seen is known to be eerily convincing.

And just recently, it looks like that The Simpsons are already prepared for the impending apocalypse. And it also seems that they are warning us about it. The show is heavily debated before as they were believed to have send out a sort of warning for the September 9, 2011 terrorist attack which generated worldwide attention as it killed a lot of innocent lives. And no one saw it coming.

The show is believed to be forecasting an asteroid strike in two weeks and that's going to happen on one of the most speculated and intrigued September dates. The video that contains 3 minutes is known to be an example of a hair-raising prediction of an important issue that is sure to capture the attention of the Independent Media. The following video is from Season 24, Episode 9.


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