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Friday, September 4, 2015

Man Cuts Open a Snake, Finds Another Snake Inside

Man Cuts Open a Snake, Finds Another Snake Inside

It is common knowledge that most people have that fear of snakes. And this news will totally make your skin crawl. A man who was able to kill and immediately gutted a humongous snake had the shock of his life as he found something unexpected inside its belly. An identical snake was inside its belly and it was captured on tape!

In the video, you can see a man that is cutting away at the side of the snake to reveal its bloated stomach inside. The shocking tidbit happened when the man cuts through the stomach lining, he finds something unusual. He discovers that there is another identical-looking snake that's only marginally smaller than the first one. The two snakes are almost identical in size.

It was brought to our attention that it is an actual fact that some species of snake will hunt its own kind. In some strange cases like this, snakes have been known to self-cannibalise.



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