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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Google Maps Allegedly Showed a UFO Crash in Antarctica

Another Google Maps anomaly is attracting attention as it shows that a UFO crash in Antartica. A Russian UFO researcher named Valentin Degterev was able to discover what he believes to be an evidence of a wrecked extraterrestrial craft. And it was captured in Antarctica.

He was not expecting to see something strange ehile browsing satellite images on Google Maps. But he actually saw the image and hurriedly shared the coordinates with the world earlier this week: 80°34’08.4″S 30°05’19.3″W. The “object” looks like a disc that's somewhat buried in the snow.  It looks like as it was a cut through the ice when it fell in Antartica. The other images on the web looks a bit like a flying saucer.

‘In amongst the endless ice desert, it is the most genuine UFO in its most classic shape,’ - Valentin Degterev 

Antarctica was known for mysteries revolving around its existence. There were plenty of conspiracies that surround the events of 1946-1947. Also, a military exercise known as Operation Highjump. It is for you to decide if the said photos were real or hoax.

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