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Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Rare Sighting of The Virgin Mary Statue Closing Its Eyes

A Rare Sighting of The Virgin Mary Statue Closing Its Eyes

It is a known fact that there had been a lot of exposes that went viral online.And if you think it is only about extraterrestrial or paranormal stuff, then it is high time for you to change your mind. As we will feature one of the most recent viral incidents but this time, it involves a religious statue doing something odd and bizarre. The Virgin Mary Statue is said to be closing its eyes and it was captured on camera. Some people already claimed that it was a miraculous event while some already expressed skepticism about the viral video.

The Virgin Mary Statue-Addolorata in Sicily, Italy was allegedly caught on video to be closing her eyes. This rare sighting sparked online controversies and debate if it really happened or not. The rare sighting was filmed by the 24-year-old handicapped named Domenico Di Martino.

It was claimed that during a procession, a boy got diagnosed with autism who needs treatment was speaking with the statue. He said that the Virgin Mary was closing her eyes to keep herself from seeing the sins of the world.  Several devotees supports the claims and pleads to the public to believe the said sighting and its message.


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