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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Star Wars “Star Destroyer” Spotted on Planet Mars

Star Wars “Star Destroyer” Spotted on Planet Mars

Another Mars photo anomaly surfaces the internet as NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover‘s gets to photograph something unusual from the red planet. UFO believers and space aficionados alike are making claims that they have made another surprising discovery from one of the Mars Curiosity Rover photos.

It is gaining too much attention globally as it was believed that a crashed space craft was spotted on Mars. And to make it more surprising, it is stunningly  similar to the infamous “Star Destroyer” spaceship from the iconic movie “Star Wars”.

“I found this anomaly in the latest Curiosity Rover photo. The black object looks like a crashed UFO" - Scott C. Waring, 

 The spacecraft was estimated to be only about 2.5 to 3 meters across. Another undeniable detail is the spacecraft's surprising similarity  to Star Wars' ever famous Star Destroyers. It was known as the type of warships that has great firepower. If the photo is proven to be true, does it mean that Star Wars already predicted what its like to be on planet Mars?

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