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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shocking Video Shows 4 People Being Sucked Into Sinkhole

A scary CCTV video footage goes viral for its strongly horrific content. The video come out of China which shows the intense moment when four people were shockingly swallowed into a sinkhole when it opened up beneath their feet at a bus stop. Truly something you won't expect when waiting for a ride to work or home.

The footage was able to show several commuters patiently waiting for a bus in Harbin, located in northeast Heilongjiang Province. The atmosphere turned into a nightmare when a sinkhole sudddnly opens up in the pavement, swallowing them without any warning.

In the video, four people fell directly into the hole. The fall made them suffer minor injuries Aside from the sinkhole nightmare, the video also shows a woman trapped on a steel beam just below the pavement.  Good thing that a group of bystanders came to rescue the victims. Local media sources reported that the sinkhole was estimated two meters deep. The cause to this horrifying incident is still under investigation by local authorities.



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